coach_haris2 Haris DemidzicFounder / Director

“I love using soccer to make positive impact in children’s lives.

It’s always fun to see their eyes light up when they learn something new”

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Phong Phong Vongmalaithong - Assistant Director, Head Coach

“I love teaching, coaching and learning from kids.

Every day I work with children I learn something new.”

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1470073_696648273703328_290000063_n Bronil Koochoie “BK23″ – Head Coach

“Soccer has helped me build life skills and create

life long friendships. It is the best sport!”

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Pulido_Arturo Arturo Pulido – Head Coach

“It is great to take a break from traveling

and join Pro Soccer Camp staff for Summer Camps.”

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aaronAaron Daley – Head Coach

“I have coached in camps and youth at different levels.
But I love coming back here because these
guys really make it fun.”

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Hari Demidzic Hari Demidzic - Head Coach

“Pro Soccer Camps make it fun for little kids.
This is a great experience for me.”

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