+ When / Where?

Usually our camps are held in June and July. Sometimes they are offered several times throughout year in different locations. Our home site is Ripon, CA. (Please check "Registration" page for other locations).

+ What does my child need to bring?

Cleats, shin guards, water, soccer ball and a big smile! We also recommend applying a sunscreen before arriving. Email is sent out on Sunday, day before camp starts with all the agenda and checklists. You will be notified via email once you register.

+ Do you offer private lessons?

We do offer private one on one or smaller group sessions. Please email us at info@prosoccercamp.net or call 209-404-8012 for further details.

+ My child never played before?

Many kids who are enrolled in our camp do not have previous experience with soccer. Most of our campers are beginner to intermediate level, however any skill levels can benefit from our sessions. Our staff is trained to adjust lessons according to skills levels.

+ My child is out of your age range. Can I still enroll him / her?

Some children are more advanced in terms of physical / psychological development. Bring your child on the first day of camp, without registering him/her. After first day of camp we will be able to evaluate your child and tell you if we are a good fit.

+ What is the age range?

Age range is 5 – 12. However, as stated earlier, some children are more advanced then others. A 4 year old may be early developer and have advanced gross motor skills. In that case, he/she may be allowed to participate with 5/6 age group. Likewise, a 13 year old may qualify for a younger age group.

+ How do I register my child (ren)?

You can register online or in person. Please go to "Registration" page for more details.

+ What is your staff experience?

Our staff is made up of former and current collegiate and professional soccer players. Some of whom are retired and some are current teachers who work with children on a daily basis. This gives our program a unique edge in terms of being able to offer fun, top notch lessons that are age appropriate and child friendly.

+ What is Pro Soccer Camp?

Pro Soccer Camp is a kid / family friendly, soccer program that teaches kids basic soccer skills through a variety of fun games and drills designed to create positive experiences with soccer in order to create a long lasting love for the sport.